Our Company

Who is Smart Index?

We are an innovative company with efficient processes thanks to our agile methodologies and always committed to being strategic partners for our clients.

Smart Index

Smart Index was founded in 1997 and currently we are a team of over 300 people with a presence at the LatAm level.

We have more than 23 years experience in the Beverage Industry and we are Pioneers in Mexico with Photo Recognition Technology.

Smart Index is Leader in Performance Measurement at the Point of Sale. We Company have certifications and we belong to the TOP 10 of the Mexican Association of Market Research.

Contribute to the growth of our clients, providing relevant and reliable information with simple and innovative solutions.
To be a global strategic information ally for our clients, designing the best solutions and products.
  • Integrity: Always act with the truth, honesty and transparency.
  • Passion: Having the passion to do things right the first time, working to solve challenges.
  • Focus: Focused on achieving the committed objectives.
  • Commitment: Make the best effort to achieve the objectives efficiently.
  • Openness: Open to the opinions of others, expressing what we consider is not contributing or is wrong, with arguments, sincerity and full transparency of the progress of our work.
  • Respect: Respect the knowledge, skills and experience of the people with whom we interact, including and treating everyone fairly.