Mystery Shopper

In order to know what the shopping experience is like with their products or services, Mysterys shoppers have become an easy way to assess quality, experience, service, cleanliness and price. However, before carrying out this type of study, you must be sure of the information you want to obtain so that expert personnel can detect whether the sales force is triggering the initiatives of the brands.

It is essential that immediate measures are taken so that what is happening at the point of sale is corrected and the experience of your customers is satisfactory.

Our differentiator

It is not always easy to get more customers, that is why we must encourage repeat purchases, which means having accurate data that allows us to take the appropriate measures. “Mystery shopper” was born from this need.

“Mystery shopper rapit” provides you with accurate information so that you can act quickly, granting your sales force real-time work orders. Can you imagine that you don’t have to be monitoring compliance with the actions? This allows you to optimize resources and time, which translates into satisfied customers.