Leandro Morera

IA Development
Leandro as a Developer of WEB REST-FULL services for Artificial Intelligence with Real-Time Execution, specializes in computer vision remote census applications. Currently developing personalized Photo Recognition services for contextual description of scenes. His work includes the assembly of online services of personalized surveys with integration of Photo Recognition, automatic balancing and cleaning of training image banks for CNN. He mainly uses technologies such as Python, C ++ and JS for integration with mobile applications for data logging. He has served as an application developer for IT and IoT in general.

He graduated as an Electronics and Telecommunications Engineer from the Higher Technological Institute of Havana 2008. Master in Bioengineering graduated from the Higher Technological Institute of Havana 2012. Doctor in Computational Sciences, Artificial Intelligence National Center for Technological Research and Development CENIDET, Mexico TECNM. Leo is fan in the use of scientific research for the efficient development of technological products.

"Applied science does not exist, only the applications of science." — Louis Pasteur
  • Experience :
    12 Years